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CAMPUS Calpe 2014




Date X Campus Cycling Eduardo Huts “Actívate” AR Diamante Beach Calpe is- 25 Feber day 1 March 2015




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Last Sunday 23 February 2014, He finished the ninth edition of the Campus Bike Eduardo Huts “Actívate” Calpe 2014.

This group photo at the top of the Cumbre del Sol, one can get an idea of ​​the beauty of the area and the light that illuminates this group of cycling enthusiasts. 173 people have lived from Wednesday 19 until Sunday 23 February 2014 in the magnificent hotel facilities AR Diamante Beach, best vacation hotel year 2013, fully dump the campus.

Foto en la Cumbre del Sol con Calpe al fondo, impresionante la vista desde este punto

Photo on Cumbre del Sol with the bottom Calpe, Amazing view from this point

From the moment we began to prepare the next campus 2015, but before we have a new appointment at our summer campus 3 to the 7 August around the Sierra de Guadarrama.

We comply with the expectations set as organizers, good participation, 115 cyclists were divided into 6 groups according to their physical abilities, monitors their route and support vehicles. And 68 companions who made their particular campus enjoying the scenery routes vehicles the organization, or performing many other tourist activities offered in the area of ​​the Costa Blanca. The afternoons were used for knowledge sharing in the cycle of conferences and symposia.

With the different experiences of each of the participants in each group, I prefer cosasbonitas # # # calpe14 campuschozas as was the presence of Miguel Indurain, with sympathetic story that after the route by phone if we were performing on the second day found the ambulance that was transferring the hospital to José Antonio, who had suffered a fall in the group 4, a 5 km the Pedreguer, when he saw the great Miguel Indurain approaching ambulance and changed the face of San Miguel as if he cured all ills and became a nice story.

Antonio e Indurain, cosas bonitas

Another thing that make you admire certain feats that serve as an example to others, is the ability to overcome that we human beings and the example given by some people such as Frances Philip, with 76 years 4 months, did I integrate campus, beating extremely hard stages over 2.000 meters of unevenness in the ground so 100 km and ramps up 20% and the climb to the summit Bernia or Sun. For me it's definitely a role model for what it conveys to others, in that limit human mind puts us, seeing your example through sports and such gatherings can be enjoyed, Do sports and keep health until age unthinkable a few years ago. The way I understand what you can do, with 76 years old, is as meritorious as they do our idols cyclists may be the time like Cancellara, Itching, Counter, Valverde, Toni Martin, etc.. … . He received a jersey dedicated to accounting for all he does and enjoys his age.

Frances Felipe (Sitges 1937) realizó el campus de 2014 con 76 años y 4 meses

Frances Felipe (Sitges 1937) conducted campus 2014 with 76 years 4 months

Thanks to the various campus partners we could enjoy much better with lots of details.

  • Very good provisioning: Pepe la Sal supermarket with mixed fruits, energy bars Hero Muesly, dumplings, star pastry cream and dipped rods Confectionery Products Chocolate Jesus “Dulcinova”, Lanjaron water, Powerade energy drink.
  • Technical Support Pedal Strike and Giant Bicycle Test
  • Vest “Actívate” brand Inverse, with reflective yellow
  • Backpacks, draw a square in the campus and 5 Mountain jersey Vuelta a Cofidis Spain
  • Sun creams and after exercise Galius Sport protective and draw 10 lots of jersey and products
  • Magazines and promoting campus Cycling Fund
  • Sweepstakes and Extreme helmets test
  • Promotion of Campus TV Eurosport
  • Test, exposure and DT Swiss Wheel Parts
  • Anti puncture liquid and wax lubricant for all participants of X-Sauce
  • Talk and biomechanical evaluations by David Herrero
  • Test, exhibition and raffle 10 silliness Essax
  • Design clothing campus organization Customized by Serijel
  • Collaborative design and strokes Team Sapphire Restaurant Calpe
  • Photos and videos of all stages with final summary Cadence
  • With the overall coordination of huts Team
Charlas y conferencias salones del hotel AR Diamante Beach

Talks and conferences lounges AR Diamante Beach

Salida de la ruta 2 con las salinas de Calpe a la derecha y las montañas al fondo

Exit route 2 Calpe with salt right and mountains in the background

Miguel Indurain se sumó a la ruta del segundo día y se hizo esta foto y unos km con el grupo 4 y 5

Miguel Indurain joined the route of the second day and a picture km took the group 4 and 5

La subida de La Fustera a Pedramala es conocida como El Poggio en referencia al de San Remo, aunque me quedo con nuestra Fustera y sus vistas del Peñón de Ifach y del Cabo de Oro de Moraira según se va subiendo o bajando

The Rise of The Fustera to Pedramala is known as Poggio referring to San Remo, although I prefer our Fustera and views of the Rock of Ifach and Gold Cape Moraira as going up or down

All photos and, in short, the video made by this link: If you want the video 30′ each stage with a final summary or any high resolution picture, contact with the pedal by email:

Pedaleo realizará un vídeo del campus

Desde el Cabo de la Nao se puede contemplar esta vista de la Costa Blanca con Calpe al fondo, impresionante!

From Cabo de la Nao you can see this view of the Costa Blanca Calpe at the bottom, awesome!


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Díptico 2014 Del 19 al 23 de febrero en Calpe (Alicante) IX Campus de Ciclismo Eduardo Chozas "Actívate"

Diptych 2014 From 19 to the 23 February in Calpe (Alicante) IX Campus Cycling Eduardo Huts “Actívate”

  • From 19 to the 23 February 2014 (from Wednesday to Sunday-dinner-food)
  • Phones and e-mail information: 609 077 877 and 917 157 587 and
  • Venue and Accommodation Campus: AR Diamante Beach SPA Hotel & Convention Centre ****
  • Cyclists and roommates live a nice experience, beyond sports, an extraordinary hotel complex 4 stars such as the AR Diamante Beach Calpe devoted heart and soul to the welfare of the campus and the participants to the world of cycling, which brings together every year countless cycling teams from around Europe.
  • You can try Giant Bicycle, top end courtesy, Hit Pedal manager GIANT STORE Castellana, 100 Madrid
  • You can leave your comment in the profile of the Campus IX Eduardo huts Cycling “Actívate” Calpe 2014 in Facebook
IX edición del CAMPUS DE CICLISMO EDUARDO CHOZAS "ACTÍVATE" 2014. Del 19 al 23 de febrero en Calpe (Alicante)

IX edition CAMPUS CYCLING EDUARDO CHOZAS “ACTÍVATE” 2014. From 19 to the 23 February in Calpe (Alicante)

Diseño de Chaleco para los participantes del Campus de Ciclismo

Vest design for the Campus participants Cycling


-ON-Diamante Beach Hotel

  • The 4 bike paths accumulate a 400 km for very undulating route of the Costa Blanca, where the sea and the mountains are combined in a mild climate, very bearable (15º a 18º) at this time, ideal for cycling. The campus has a lecture series that complete the activity designed for the enjoyment of cycling enthusiasts. Activity designed to come with your partner and enjoy the recreational options available during the mornings, can make routes support vehicles, leisure activities offered by the hotel or the tour guide Calpe: excursions, beach, tourism.
  • Routing is performed on 5 groups, according to the level of the participants, led monitors and support vehicles, with aid stations en route, Will you take a distinctive vest campus. Also in the afternoon there is a series of conferences and workshops. In the hotel the water and wine is on a bed with full board included. With registration you have liability insurance that covers you for damage you make to other.


  • 350 € for participants in double room
  • 200 € for companions (not performing the cycling routes) in double room.
  • Children up 2 years free. And to 8 years old, 100 € with full board in shared room.
  • 470 € for participants in single room
  • 250 € for participants without accommodation or food, this option prior consultation.
  • Participants and accompanying persons on Campus: 115 + 66 = 171 registry
  • To sign up, you book by phone or by filling out this form, we answer when you go into the bank account the corresponding amount. Hard booking 10 days, your place is closed when you made the payment of the entry in the account of Bankinter, holder: CD CHOMAN SL, account Bankinter, NºIBAN: ES77 0128 0053 1701 0050 4436. BIC: BKBKESMM
  • If you want to stay more days in the hotel have the option to do, after consultation and booking, at a price of 50 € person / day with full board, in a room and 80 € single room. You can be more days before or after the campus.

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Inscripción online Campus’][contact-field label = 'Name and Surname’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label = 'City and Zip Code’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Dirección: Street% 26 # x002c; No.% 26 # x002c; Floor’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’DNI’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label = 'Date of Birth’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Teléfono Móvil’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Teléfono Fijo’ type=’text’/][contact-field label = 'Are you coming Accompanied?’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Sí, enter the data / the passenger / s who do not carry bicycles routes,No '/][contact-field label = 'Data from the / the companion / s comment’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]

The arrival, Hotel AR Diamante Beach to host the Campus, is scheduled for Wednesday, day 19 February 2014, between 16:00 and 19:00 hours, to collect badges, Delivery vest, distribution of rooms and shower campus. At 19:30 Temperature and informative welcome meeting. The output will be Sunday, day 23 February, after eating.

It is very important that, before coming to campus, bike up with you: brakes, change and put new tires and inner tubes for your safety and that of others, tconseguirás so-good adhesion, avoid falls and punctures.

El tiempo en CalpeThe weather in Calpe


  • Desayuno buffet libre: 08:00 hours
  • Exit Routes: 09:00 hours from the parking of Hotel Diamante Beach Calpe
  • Free buffet lunch: 14:00 hours
  • Biomechanical studies: ask quotes David Herrero en tel. 627 919 997
  • Massage: ask quotes Alfonso Bronchalo en tel. 622 354 755
  • Giant Bicycles Test: delivery to 16:00 h. and collection for use the next day to the 16:30 Bicycle hours lounge reception with lifts. On arrival day calls for testing in the living bicycles: area Blow Pedal – Antonio Civantos such. 696 699 880, get with your pedals as the day before trying to place and at the times listed)
  • Lecture and discussion in lectures hall of AR Diamante Beach Hotel 18:00 a 20.00 hours
  • Cena buffet libre: 20:30 hours
  • End Campus: after meals (13:30 h) Sunday day 24 February 2013 You can leave it in the room and ducharos

The output of the routes are in the forecourt of the hotel parking at Emerald-Diamond 09:00 hours

  1. It is very important to wear the yellow vest that will deliver, as we find many cyclists on the road, support vehicles will have doubts if you do not go with the uniform, I can not leave you believing that you are back on campus.
  2. Will 5 groups 2 monitors bike and support vehicle radio communication. Each group will be up to 33 Cyclists, Each participant is placed in the level that sees fit based on their fitness. If the group is too large or you can not keep up, monitors you indicate that you spend the next group, case necessarily must do to meet the level and the number of riders in each group.
  3. The Group 1 and 2 are the highest level will decrease until the group 5, si bien, Group 3, 4 are quiet cycling and the 5 for those who are less physically fit. Monitors each group will mark the location of the output, standing in first position the Group 1 and then the rest, in this order will go to the routes from the hotel parking Diamond.
  4. Each group will circulate in pairs, in parallel, monitors will give you directions to go in parallel with the wheel mate next door and the safe distance of the front: of 1 a 2 m and to one side of the front wheel. Each couple will relieve each 5 minutes approximately. The system relay is for the rider who goes abroad ahead of his partner and is at the right, before, and the two stop pedaling forward them to the entire group quickly, and no one at the mercy of a reckless overtaking a vehicle will be alone on the left.
  5. In sections of long climbs regrouping be in the high, where will be located the support vehicle. The car will carry supplies and a spare, also warm clothes for you please take downs (vests, raincoats, etc.) However, Each participant must bring their parts.
  6. The sections downstream of the ports will be in single file, Monitor group will go ahead with a whistle will sound when climbing a vehicle as well prevention and caution.
  7. Each participant must carry spare tube and inflator.

Routes 2014

1.- Thursday the 20 February. 71 km. 800 m Desnivel. Ruta del Cabo de la Nao, for more…

71 km. 800 m desnivel. Ruta del Cabo de la Nao

71 km. 800 m Desnivel. Ruta del Cabo de la Nao

2.- Friday the 21 February, Route Val de Ebo, 103 km 1.400 m positive unevenness: to know + …

Ruta de la Val de Ebo, 103 km 1.400 m de desnivel positivo

Road Val de Ebo, 103 km 1.400 m positive unevenness

3.- Saturday the 22 February. Bernia Road and Val de Laguardia. Total distance: 97.02 km | Total ascent: 1530 m | to know + …

Ruta de Bernia y la Val de Laguar. Distancia total: 97.02 km | Ascenso total: 1530 m |

Bernia Road and Val de Laguardia. Total distance: 97.02 km | Total ascent: 1530 m |

4.- Sunday the 23 February, Route of La Cumbre del Sol, 70 km. 1.270 m the Desnivel +

Ruta de la Cumbre del Sol

Summit Route of the Sun

Lecture and Colloquium talks:

  1. Wednesday, day 19 February at 19:30. Welcome speech, program exposure and questions
  2. Thursday, day 20 to 18:00. David Herrero , Biomechanics conduct a practice rating a participant on his bike with templates to check the tread and another template in the saddle to check the tread and the position.
  3. Thursday, day 20 to 19:30. Joaquin Gil (Manager Essax) The saddle for you: Essax, after checking your mark Essax makes you a saddle for you. They raffled 10 saddles as.
  4. Friday, day 21 to 18:00, Saoro Moll, Bachelor of Physical Education, conference on: “The strength training for a cyclist, by specialty”
  5. Friday, day 21 to 19:30, Alberto Absinthe, Muscular Activation Expert, will give a talk “Muscular Shortenings” joint mobility and muscle recovery charges and how far to go with stretching.
  6. Saturday, day 22 to 18:00 Chala-Colloquium on Cycling News. Eduardo Chozas, moderates a roundtable that addressed current issues
  7. Saturday, day 22 to 19:30 Prize draw and presentation of diplomas.


Salón de Conferencias del AR Diamante Beach de Calpe

Conference Room AR Diamante Beach in Calpe

Diploma del Campus

Diploma Campus

Biomechanics Rating

David Herrero , Biomechanics conduct a practice rating a participant on his bike with templates to check the tread and another template in the saddle to check the tread and the position.

David Herrero realizará una valoración Biomecánica en el ciclo de conferencias del Campus

David Herrero conduct an assessment in biomechanics lecture Campus

Huella de la presión en el sillín, a la derecha después de la corrección

Footprint pressure on the saddle, right after correction

Huella de la pisada de ambos pies, se aprecia la diferencia entre ambos

's Footprint of both feet, see the difference between the two

Abajo pedaleando con la almoadilla sensor de las presiones sobre el sillín

Down with almoadilla pedaling pressure sensor on the saddle

In my case between these two positions, above the initial, with a forward pedaling on the saddle, left traces in prostatic high-pressure zone, had to delay the saddle to the center position, I moved the cleats 2 mm rearward, and lowered the saddle 1,5 cm and cut out the distance from handlebar 2 cm with a Compact handlebar (area short handles and the bottom curve too short)

Posición inicial, algo adelantada en el sillín, más presión en zona perineal

Initial position, slightly ahead in the saddle, more pressure on perineum

Posición intermedia en la manetas después de la corrección

Intermediate position on the handles after correction

In my case between these two positions, above the initial, with a forward pedaling on the saddle, left traces in prostatic high-pressure zone, had to delay the saddle to the center position, I moved the cleats 2 mm rearward, and lowered the saddle 1,5 cm and cut out the distance from handlebar 2 cm with a Compact Maillar (area short handles and the bottom curve too short)

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